FME 2018 Highlights

Our most exciting new innovations for data transformation and integration.

New Spatial Capabilities

More spatial formats, applications and transformers to explore.

  • Mosaic Datasets

    Write Esri Geodatabase Mosaic Datasets from FME workflows.

    Mosaic Datasets
  • Web 3D Visualization

    Create accessible 3D visualizations viewable by anyone with a web browser with support for glTF for Cesium and Esri I3S.

    FME gltf
  • Bentley i-Model

    Read architecture, engineering, construction and operation data from the Bentley i-Model exchange format.

    FME i model
  • 40+ New Rasters
    New in FME 2018.1

    Access many more raster formats from the GDAL library including VRT raster pipelines, plus R grids and ISCE.

    GDAL Raster
  • AreaGapAndOverlapCleaner

    Replacing the SliverRemover, this transformer fixes gaps and overlaps between polygons with more precision by giving users control over tolerance.

    Area Gap and Overlap Cleaner

Enterprise Enhancements

It’s easier than ever to connect systems across your organization, and to integrate and analyze data.

What’s New in FME Desktop

Usability and performance upgrades allow you to author workflows more quickly and accurately than ever before.

  • Collapsible Bookmarks

    More easily manage large workspaces by collapsing sections under colourful bookmarks that you can expand when necessary.

    Collapsible Bookmarks
  • Partial Runs

    Save time when authoring workflows with this new functionality that enables users to run selected parts using cached data.

    Partial Runs FME
  • Inter-Transformer Copy & Paste

    Copy & paste parameters like conditional formatting rules between transformer dialogs.

    Copy and Paste Transformers
  • Dynamic Log Filtering

    Filter log to display on error or warning messages for more efficient inspection.

    Dynamic Log Filter
  • Faster Performance

    Engine performance is 30% faster overall and uses 45% less memory than FME 2017.0.

    FME Improved

What’s New in FME Server

FME Server has reached new heights for usability and productivity.

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