Access More Remote Sensing Formats and Features

Take advantage of additional satellite imagery formats and enhancements for smoother browsing, downloading and processing of images.

  • Avoid exceeding Planet tile quotas with support for caching and previews.

  • Benefit from new features like caching, quality filtering for cloud coverage and more user-friendly reading of the Sentinel-2 SAFE format.

  • Access data from Landsat 8, Landsat 8 on AWS and Terrain Tiles on AWS.

Explore New Formats, Systems & Releases

Connect to new systems. Access new formats. Upgrade to the latest versions.

  • Read data from Amazon S3 that has been exposed by Amazon Athena.

  • Make use of MapInfo MRR Grid, GDAL VRT Raster and NASA’s MRF Raster files.

  • Use AutoCAD Civil 3D TINs in other applications.

  • Install the FME plugin for Revit 2017 and adopt latest version of Revit without workflow interruption.

  • Upgrade to the latest version of Elasticsearch without disrupting workflows.

Enjoy Spatial Enhancements

Benefit from new and improved support for several key spatial formats.

  • Create spatial TDE files more efficiently with improved support for the spatial data types introduced in Tableau 10.2.

  • Connect to SAP HANA's spatial engine and move data between it and other applications.

  • Take advantage of the capabilities enabled by this new format in MapInfo Professional 15.2.

  • Write SBN/SBX spatial index files with or without an ArcGIS license.

Convert Date/Time Values with Ease and Flexibility

Explore the powerful and robust features available in the new DateTimeConverter, DateTimeStamper transformers, as well as new time zone functions.

  • With support for fractional seconds and UTC offsets, convert date/time data from any source without losing information.

  • Interpret any input string with support for wildcards and advanced flags.

  • Build date/time format strings quickly with presets, partial matches, and the new Quick Reference feature.

  • Immediately see what your output will look like based on the settings you've entered.

  • Ensure data quality with the rejected port for invalid values. The DateTimeConverter can also repair data containing leap seconds or overflow parts.

  • Convert date/time values between time zones (UTC offsets), and into local or UTC times.

Work Faster

Enjoy usability and performance enhancements that foster more efficient workflow authoring.

  • See translation results in the FME Data Inspector faster than ever.

  • Improve efficiency with new functionality to update existing readers and writers in Workbench; allowing both the use of any new parameters and the benefit of any other enhancements in the newest FME version.

  • Skip even more steps with the ability to select, copy and paste multiple user parameters at once - "Published" or "Private".

Automate with Greater Ease and Control

Enjoy new FME Server configuration features that help you and your jobs run more efficiently.

  • Direct FME Server jobs to one or more specific engine with Queues, a new user interface feature.

  • Experience simplified ActiveDirectory setup with the new user interface and ability to migrate configurations when you upgrade.

  • Access version control capabilities which are in beta in FME Server 2017.1.