Access More Remote Sensing Formats and Features

Take advantage of additional satellite imagery formats and enhancements for smoother browsing, downloading and processing of images.

Explore New Formats, Systems & Releases

Connect to new systems. Access new formats. Upgrade to the latest versions.

Enjoy Spatial Enhancements

Benefit from new and improved support for several key spatial formats.

Convert Date/Time Values with Ease and Flexibility

Explore the powerful and robust features available in the new DateTimeConverter, DateTimeStamper transformers, as well as new time zone functions.

  • Greater Precision

    With support for fractional seconds and UTC offsets, convert date/time data from any source without losing

    Greater Precision example image
  • Complex Input

    Interpret any input string with support for wildcards and advanced flags.

    Complex Input example image
  • Work Faster

    Build date/time format strings quickly with presets, partial matches, and the new Quick Reference

    Work Faster example image
  • Preview Outputs

    Immediately see what your output will look like based on the settings you've entered.

    Preview Outputs example image
  • Validate & Repair

    Ensure data quality with the rejected port for invalid values. The DateTimeConverter can also repair data
    containing leap seconds or overflow parts.

    Validate & Repair example image
  • Convert Time Zones

    Convert date/time values between time zones (UTC offsets), and into local or UTC times.

    Convert Time Zones example image

Work Faster

Enjoy usability and performance enhancements that foster more efficient workflow authoring.

Automate with Greater Ease and Control

Enjoy new FME Server configuration features that help you and your jobs run more efficiently.