FME 2016.1

Our best .1 release yet. Build and automate incredible workflows with more formats, more transformers, and new functionality.

Connect More Systems

Integrate your data with the latest formats and web services.

Design Powerful Workflows

New functionality in the FME user interface makes it easier to build and automate all of your data workflows.

Simplify Complex Data

Working with big datasets can be complicated. That’s why FME 2016 makes it easy to view the structure of your databases and XML documents.

New editors for SQL and regular expressions will also help you generate and build the queries you need.

Quality Control

FME has always been good at finding mistakes in your data. Now, it’ll tell you what’s wrong with it and why something failed. Oh, and since nobody’s perfect, it’s also good at finding mistakes made by you, the user.


FME 2016.1 Launch: It's Awesome

Get a run-down of everything new in the launch announcement blog post.

FME 2016.1 New Feature: Workspaces Built to Order

See how to rearrange connections, ports, and transformers in FME Workbench.

FME Server for Docker (Technology Preview)

Announcement: Deploy FME Server on any platform supported by Docker.

Instance scheduling added to FME Cloud

Schedule your FME Cloud instances to start and stop automatically.

Get Started

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