FME 2016

It's easier than ever to get your data where it needs to be.

Connect Hundreds of Systems

FME 2016 supports even more formats and protocols, allowing you to connect virtually any data from any system.

New FME Workbench functionality helps you output the data whenever and however you need it.

Simplified Workflows

Enjoy a streamlined experience in both FME Desktop and FME Server, from the way you navigate the FME Workbench canvas to the FME Server licensing process.

Simplify Complex Data

Working with big datasets can be complicated. That’s why FME 2016 makes it easy to view the structure of your databases and XML documents.

New editors for SQL and regular expressions will also help you generate and build the queries you need.

Quality Control

FME has always been good at finding mistakes in your data. Now, it’ll tell you what’s wrong with it and why something failed. Oh, and since nobody’s perfect, it’s also good at finding mistakes made by you, the user.


FME 2016 Webinar

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FME 2016

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