Introducing FME 2014

FME 2014 has Arrived!


Explore New Worlds of Data and Technology

Venture into unknown territory using FME 2014 as your compass and easily adopt new technology without getting lost or leaving data behind.


Big Data

Move data to the cloud with support for:

  • Amazon DynamoDB
  • Amazon RDS
  • Amazon Redshift
  • Amazon S3
  • Google BigQuery

Cloud-Based Mapping

Take advantage of spatial data services with:

  • Support for Esri ArcGIS Online Drive-Time Polygons, Geocoding, Geoenrichment, and Feature Storage services (for account subscribers)
  • Google Maps Engine reading and writing

Web Services

Create and use web services more easily with new tools such as:

  • OGC WFS 2.0 reader - facilitates creation of this vector data sharing service
  • Zapier Service for FME Server - captures information from 300+ web solutions
  • Improved HTTP and JSON transformers - make working with web services easier

New Formats


Enhanced Tools

  • Support for Autodesk AutoCAD Civil 3D® versions up to 2013
  • More powerful null handling for database workflows
  • Improved IFC support
  • Enhanced tolerance snapping for intersection-based geometry transformers
  • MapnikRasterizer transformer for customized cartographic rendering
  • Compatible with latest versions of several applications including Esri ArcGIS 10.2 and Autodesk AutoCAD 2014
  • and more. See the Top 10 Transformer Updates for FME 2014

Faster Performance

  • New transformers for raster slope and aspect calculations
  • Comprehensive improvements to database tools enable smoother data handling
  • New generic GML writer makes it easier to write to complex open models
  • Even faster processing of point cloud and raster data

What's Great in FME Desktop 2014

Get a Better View Through the FME Data Inspector


FME's primary inspection tool features:

  • Background maps
  • Detailed table viewing
  • 3D visualization mode
  • Interactive data subsetting and translation

Mac and Linux-Friendly

Available on a technical preview on Mac and Linux operating systems.

FME Workbench's Sleek New Look


Highlights include:

  • Tidier workspaces
  • New descriptive icons
  • Intuitive visual cues
  • Control over annotation styling


What's Great in FME Server 2014

Faster Data Delivery

Communicate information through FME Server at greater speeds with its included WebSocket server and create web applications that perform as smoothly as desktop applications.

Efficient Resource Sharing

The "Shared Resources" capability enables workspace resources to be accessed repeatedly by different translations from a central location.

Reduce "Password Fatigue"

Compatible with Single-Sign-On Active Directory technology and automatically accepts the user's initial workstation login credentials.

FME Cloud - A New Way to Deploy FME Server

  • Unlimited connection possibilities between cloud, on-premise, and mobile device applications
  • Greater control over how applications integrate and deploy
  • Location-aware technology
  • Scalable resources so you only pay for the capacity you need at any time