FME 2013: Explore the Next Frontier of Data Interoperability

FME 2013 features enhancements and new additions to the FME Platform - the technology powering FME Desktop and FME Server. This version of FME pushes data into new territory with support for more than 300 formats, new and revamped transformation capabilities, greater support for visually informative point cloud and 3D data, and many more features that help you boldly take your data where it hasn’t gone before. Also take it there faster with performance improvements that speed things up and allow you to complete tasks more quickly.

FME Desktop 2013

FME Workbench, the graphical user interface to FME’s transformation tools, has received usability updates which allow you to transform data even more efficiently. Navigate tools and functions more easily for speedy setup of your workflows.

FME Server 2013

Automated data access and distribution is now more easily configured and capable of reaching a broader network of data users and contributors with new capabilities and features that are included with FME Server 2013. Along with usability enhancements, this version introduces FME Server Notification Service which enables you to take data from anywhere and deliver it to anyone, exactly how and when it’s needed.

FME 2013: Explore the Next Frontier of Data Interoperability

Encounter New Data Formats

FME 2013 supports over 300 formats, with the addition of 28 new point cloud, 3D, raster, database, vector, and XML formats.

  • ASTM E57
  • Autodesk IMX (FDO)
  • Controlled Image Base (CIB)
  • CouchDB
  • CUZK GML (Czech Republic)
  • FDO Providers (Autodesk 2013)
  • FME Server Configuration
  • Geohash (Beta)
  • Ingres Spatial
  • Ingres Non-spatial
  • Intergraph Raster
  • KommunGML (Sweden)
  • KuntaGML (Finland)
  • Landmark Z-Map Grid
  • OData
  • OGC Open GeoSMS (Beta)
  • OGR Virtual Dataset (VRT)
  • PostGIS Raster
  • RIEGL Laser Scan Database (RDB)
  • RIEGL RDB Project
  • Salesforce
  • SGI Image
  • Socrata
  • SpatiaLite
  • Sun Raster
  • Terrasolid TerraScan
  • X3D
  • Z+F LaserControl (ZFS)

Easily Navigate Point Cloud Data

Consume these massive datasets and extract only required information.

  • PointCloudExpressionEvaluator - carry out calculations on various components of point cloud datasets such as colour and intensity
  • PointCloudFilter - filter points based on other components and extract only relevant information
  • Support for 5 additional point cloud formats including ASTM E57

Make 3D Data Discoveries

Produce more realistic models for visualization in 3D applications with enhancements to 3D capabilities.

  • SolidBuilder, SurfaceBuilder, and SurfaceOnSurfaceOverlayer - combine various 3D components into one large structure
  • VolumeCalculator - calculate the volume of 3D solid geometries
  • Support for additional 3D formats including X3D (VRML), Autodesk Infrastructure Modeller, and CityGML 2.0 plus ADE Extensions

Cover New Non-Spatial Territory

Use non-spatial data in more ways than you thought possible. FME 2013 supports additional non-spatial formats including Salesforce, Socrata, and CouchDB.

  • Integrate two or more disparate non-spatial datasets easily for detailed analysis
  • Validate non-spatial data to ensure consistent formatting
  • Integrate non-spatial and spatial data for use in mapping applications

Quickly Accomplish Data Missions

Rev up performance and produce data that can be used more efficiently.

Take New and Revamped Tools on Your Data Transformation Voyages

Gain more control over the usability, accuracy and appearance of output data with the next level of transformation capabilities.

  • GeometryValidator - identify and repair 2D and 3D geometry issues
  • ShortestPathFinder - use one network for calculations on several paths
  • Joiner - changed so that parameters are set in a single dialogue
  • HTTPMultipartUploader - submit data to a website as a multi-part stream
  • MapTextLabeller * - generates beautiful cartographic labels
  • Reprojector enhancements - CSMapReprojector and CSMapAttributeReprojector allow more control over coordinate conversion
  • BlueMarbleReprojector * - access Blue Marble's coordinate reprojections
  • JSON tools - quickly transform data into the JSON standard

* - Available at an additional cost as an add-on.

Launch New Software Versions Without Problems

Upgrade confidently with support for the newly released versions of key applications.

  • Esri ArcGIS 10.1
  • Autodesk AutoCAD 2013
  • PostGIS 2.0, including new support for PostGIS Raster
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2012
  • Ingres 10S
  • Teradata 14.0

What’s Great in FME Desktop 2013

Configure Workflows More Efficiently in FME Mission Control

Navigate workflows more easily with FME Workbench’s usability enhancements. Enhanced features include:

  • Smart-Delete Mode - saves you mouse clicks and time as it automatically repairs connections between transformers when one is deleted
  • Improved zoom control - provides you with finer grained control over workspace zoom levels and introduces a new “zoom to extents” button
  • New shortcuts allow you to instantly execute common functions directly from your keyboard
  • Faster display of results in the log window

An FME workflow before and after transformer deletion using the Smart-Delete function.

What’s Great in FME Server 2013

Free Up Your Time with Enhanced Automation that is More Easily Configured

Set up automated workflows more easily with FME Server 2013 usability enhancements:

  • Simplified configuration and access of FME Server functions through a single unified platform web console designed for use by both end-users and administrators
  • Schedule tasks more effortlessly with easier navigation of FME Server’s scheduler interface
  • Integrate workflows from FME Desktop and with third party applications quickly and more seamlessly

Introducing the FME Server Notification Service

Take data from anywhere and deliver it to anyone exactly when it’s needed with this recent addition to FME Server’s capabilities.

Key Capabilities of the FME Server Notification Service:

  • Receive, respond to, and deliver data in real-time using common protocols like email or HTTP
  • Accept and process sensor data
  • Use complex event processing to evaluate incoming data against business rules and make instant, intelligent decisions
  • Send data to and from mobile devices via protocols like Apple Push and Google Messaging

FME Server Notification Service flow diagram depicting the architecture of how reporters and subscribers send and receive notifications through various protocols and FME Server.