FME 2011 New Features

Unleash your inner Spatial Superhero - with FME 2011 as your sidekick, spatial data is yours to command

Unleash your inner Spatial Superhero - with FME 2011 as your sidekick, spatial data is yours to command. No matter what the challenge, this latest release of FME brings you extraordinary new spatial data transformation powers.

Perform Superhuman Data Transformation Feats with Less Resources

Knowing you're facing ever-growing pressure to "do more with less," FME 2011 tackles this challenge head-on. The new release introduces usability improvements and new features to help you transform data at lightning speeds. Highlights include:
  • Inline inspection: A key innovation in FME 2011, Inline Inspection lets you pause the transformation process to instantly examine the current state (geometry and attributes) of your data as it passes from one transformer to another. You can now benefit from this "X-ray vision" to quickly create transformations (workspaces) with this new superfine feature-level debugging power.
  • Templates: Designed as a starting point for common spatial data transformation tasks, quickstart templates enables you to author new workspaces at lightning speeds. You can also publish your own workspaces as templates for efficient re-use and sharing with others.
  • XML Innovations: Thanks to the XMLTemplater, validation, styling, metadata, and cataloging capabilities, FME 2011 decimates the time it takes to work with XML data. Superhuman XML expertise is no longer required!
  • Performance Improvements: FME 2011 delivers on Safe Software's commitment to ensure that every release of FME is faster than the last. Transformations that run longer than 7 seconds now run 11% faster on average in FME 2011 over the previous version.

Harness the Power of Your Assets

No matter the format or model of the data you're trying to use, FME blasts through interoperability barriers to give you access. New in FME 2011 is access to point clouds. Now you can read, write and transform massive point cloud datasets in industry standard formats including LAS, Pointools POD, and XYZ ASCII. FME Server 2011 also equips you with new superpowers to get data into the hands of people who need it. The addition of REST services greatly simplifies web deployments with standard RESTful architecture. Plus, new scheduling capabilities enable you to transform data - without human intervention.

Be Ready for Whatever the Future Holds

Take on all challenges with FME - whatever the future brings, FME ensures you'll be prepared. In 2011, FME introduced support for new formats including LAS, POD, LiDAR XYZ, OpenStreetMap, and TIBCO OpenSpirit; cloud formats Windows Azure, SQL Azure, OGDI and Google Spreadsheets; as well as support for new versions such as Esri ArcGIS 10 and Autodesk's FDO 2011. Safe's commitment to keeping up with industry changes continues to empower our users to take on data interoperability challenges of all kinds.