FME 2006 GB New Features

FME 2006 GB incorporates a wealth of exciting new features that will have wide appeal amongst FME users

FME 2006 GB incorporates a wealth of exciting new features that will have wide appeal amongst FME users.

FME 2006 GB Highlights

Data Volume

  • Users running FME 2006 GB on a 32-bit Microsoft Windows operating system can “flick the /3GB switch” in their system’s boot file to free up an additional one gigabyte of memory. No user intervention is required for 64-bit Windows – FME 2006 GB automatically accesses 4 GB of addressable memory! For more information on this option,

New Raster Formats

  • ERDAS RAW Writer: Writes uncompressed RAW format.
  • PCI DSK Reader/Writer: Reads/writes PCI Geomatics database files used by PCI EASI/PACE software for image analysis.

FME Universal Viewer

  • Rasters can now be viewed, inspected, and mixed with vectors in the display. (Note however, that the Visualizer within Workbench does not yet support rasters.)
  • New quick navigation features:
    • Hold down the middle mouse button (or wheel) and drag the mouse to pan around the view.
    • Hold down the Control key and roll the mouse wheel to zoom in and out of the view.


New Vector Formats

Vector Format Updates

Raster Format Updates

Transformer Updates

New Transformers

  • DEMDistanceCalculator: For a set of input 3D line segments and a DEM, outputs a set of DEM rasters, each corresponding to one line segment. On each output raster, every pixel represents the closest distance between the corresponding pixel on the input raster and the line segment considered.
  • LatLongToMGRSConverter, MGRSToLatLongConverter, MGRSGeometryExtractor, MGRSGeometryReplacer: Will convert latitude and longitude values to MGRS code and vice versa.
  • PythonCaller: Calls arbitrary Python scripts to operate on features.
  • RasterCellValueReplacer: Replaces values within rasters.
  • MRFCleaner: An extra-cost third party transformer that performs a wide variety of cleanup operations on geometric data. (See MRFCleanFactory.)

New Factories

  • MRFCleanFactory: This is a true multi-layer and multi-tolerance 2D data cleaning tool. It can be used to compute true and fuzzy intersections, correct undershoots/overshoots, generalize lines, remove short and duplicate geometries, remove dangles, join geometries and conflate geometries. (Note: This is an extra-cost plug-in.)
  • NVectors1RasterToNRastersFactory: This is a multi-purpose factory for merging multiple vectors onto a raster and potentially producing multiple rasters as output. As of this release, it is used only to implement the DEM Distance operation as described in the DEMDistanceCalculator transformer writeup below.

Factory Updates

  • ClippingFactory: Improved raster support.

New Functions

  • @MGRS: Has been added to support lat/long - MGRS code conversions.
  • @Python: Has been added to allow Python scripts to be run from within an FME translation on a per-feature basis.
  • @RasterCellValueReplacer: Has been added to replace values within rasters.

Function Updates

  • @ConvertBase: Added support for handling extremely large numbers.
  • @Log: Improved raster support.
  • @Reproject: Now twice as fast for rasters.
  • @ResampleRaster: Improved raster support.

Coordinate Systems

  • Greatly expanded and improved coordinate system mapping between MapInfo, FME, and ESRI coordinate systems.