FME 2006 New Features

FME 2006 represents one of our best value for users releases to date—we incorporated over 1000 user–requested enhancements!

FME 2006 represents one of our best value for users releases to date—we incorporated over 1000 user–requested enhancements! We've added eleven new formats, including Google EarthTM KML and GML 3.1.1, and updated many others. We also focused significant development effort on raster formats: six of the new formats are raster preview formats. In addition, FME now supports Oracle® GeoRaster which allows raster images to be loaded into Oracle® Database 10gR2. FME 2006 includes many significant refinements to Workbench which will result in more efficient workflows—not just within an organization, but also where FME functionality is shared between organizations. Three great new features included in FME 2006 are Custom Transformers, Shared Directories, and Published Parameters. Custom Transformers allow users to package transformation workflows into their own custom-made transformer, then save the Custom Transformer for use in other workspaces or for sharing with colleagues, both within and outside an organization. Shared Directories make FME much more workgroup-friendly by allowing users within an organization to easily share Custom Formats, Custom Transformers and custom coordinate systems. Published Parameters enable workspace authors to specify the parameters that are exposed to workspace users, including the name of those parameters, and the prompt that is presented to the user. This makes workspaces much easier to run on different input data, both within workbench and when deployed in a batch environment.

FME 2006 Highlights

New Vector Formats

Vector Format Updates

New Raster Formats

  • ENVI header (raw) and ESRI® header (raw) - These header files store the georeferencing information of an associated raw raster file.
  • ERDAS IMAGINE® (writer) - Provides supports for the ERDAS IMAGINE® file format.
  • JPEG - Initial support for the orginal Joint Photographic Experts Group standardized image compression mechanism. There is currently no support for georeferencing information or metadata for JPEG files.
  • ColorRAW - accepts multiple bands of continuous color data such as greyscale, RGB, GBR, and RGBA.
  • NumericRAW - accepts one band of continuous numeric data.

New Transformers

  • LineSmoother - Smooths line geometry using the McMaster Algorithm.
  • AreaSmoother - Smooths an area's border lines using the McMaster Algorithm.
  • KMLStyler - Used to either set the attributes of features that have a KML Style feature type, or to set the common style attributes for a group of features.
  • CoordinateSystemFetcher - Retrieves the coordinate system of a feature into an attribute.

Raster Format Updates

  • ESRI® ArcSDE® Reader - Search envelope processing.
  • ASRP - Uses LL84 as default coordinate system.
  • AIRCOM ENTERPRISE - Handles clutter data.
  • GeoTIFF - Improved nodata value handling.
  • PLANET - Improved reader speed; can now read parts of datasets instead of requiring complete datasets.
  • Oracle® GeoRaster Writer - Coordinate systems, continuous numeric, BIL interleaving, classified color, true grey scale, compression, pyramiding.
  • Z-MAP (ASCII) - Many improvements; can now read DEM grids.

Transformer Updates

  • Joiner, ValueMapper, SchemaMapper - Transformers will will now work with tables having special characters(e.g. spaces) in their names.
  • CenterLineReplacer - Now uses a much more robust algorithm and can handle a wider variety of input shapes, including donuts.
  • Bufferer - Now has a much more efficient method of handling group-by and aggregate buffering. A test dataset runs nearly 400x faster.
  • PolygonBuilder - Now logs a percent complete to show its progress.
  • 2DGridReplacer - Now handles group-by.
  • Clipper - Now will clip Rasters
  • Tiler - Now will tile Rasters

New Raster Transformers

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