Self Serve Data Transformation

Key Capabilities

> Self Serve

Enterprise Access to FME Workflows

FME technology facilitates data sharing between colleagues through its advanced transformation capabilities. However, executing data transformations for an entire organization to suit their diverse requirements on a daily basis would be a full-time job - even with FME Desktop's graphical interface and intuitive tools.

FME Server is FME for the enterprise, providing self serve access to FME workflows so you can offload daily transformation tasks to the end-user.

Create Data Distribution Portals

Configure FME Server to run as a data download service. Based on the user's specifications, data is automatically transformed and delivered, eliminating repetitive manual data distribution tasks.

Simplify Data Contribution

Make it easy for people in your organization to share data. Through FME Server they can transform, validate and load their own data to central repositories, and be notified whether the upload was successful.

Anyone Can Do it

No FME experience or training required. Publish FME transformations to FME Server where users can access and initiate them without any FME training. Data is automatically, transformed and delivered to its specified destination.

Webinar: How to Provide Self-Serve Data Access with FME Server

Learn how you can use FME Server to provide self-serve access to data transformations. Through a series of demos, this webinar outlines how to offload tasks to the end-user including:

  • data distribution
  • data validation
  • data loading

All without requiring any knowledge of FME.

Access Webinar's slides and workspaces

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