Real-Time Data Transformation

Key Capabilities

> Real-Time

Receive, Process and Deliver Data in Real-Time

So much data today is available for use immediately after it's collected - or, as this phenomenon is commonly referred to - in real-time. But usually, in order for it to be of any use to your organization's operations, it will require a certain level of transformation.

FME Server's real-time processing functionality has the ability to immediately respond to events and trigger different FME actions to ensure real-time data is delivered exactly how it's needed in actual real-time.

Receive Real-Time Data

Configure FME Server to be alerted to the availability of new data and receive it for processing in real-time. Real-time data sources can include, but are not limited to, sensors, web services, databases, and mobile devices.

Apply Business Logic to Incoming Data

As soon as an event occurs, FME Server immediately evaluates the real-time data against highly customizable business logic that triggers different actions based on the results.

Immediately Deliver Data How It's Needed

Once FME Server executes the appropriate task it instantly delivers the data - via streaming or notification - to those who need it, exactly how they need it, in real-time.

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