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FME’s core technology has the capabilities to efficiently solve a wide range of data interoperability challenges beyond simple data conversion and transformation such as:

Coordinate System Reprojection

Seamlessly move spatial data between different coordinate systems with FME’s coordinate reprojection capabilities.

Characterized by different combinations of parameters such as earth model (ellipsoid or datum), unit of measurement, and projection type - spatial data can be associated with a seemingly unlimited number of possible coordinate systems.

FME has the power to easily overcome this complexity during data transformation with its massive library of over 5000 coordinate reference systems - based on a variety of ellipsoids, datums, units and parameters - you can reproject any data for use in your prefered system.

Spatial ETL

A term coined by Safe Software itself, spatial extract, transform and load (spatial ETL) is the process whereby spatial data flows from source systems to target systems. With support for an unmatched number of spatial formats and specialized data transformation tools, plus its enhanced automation and data loading capabilities, FME is the only complete spatial ETL solution on the market today. It enables you to:

  • Extractdata quickly from almost any source, regardless of its originating format and structure - including those for popular CAD, GIS and spatial database solutions
  • Transformdata easily into any format and structure required using repeatable workflows
  • Loaddata seamlessly into the target system directly from FME and make it available exactly when, where and how it’s needed

Data Loading, Migration and Replication

FME supports many commonly used database solutions including Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, PostGIS, Google Fusion Tables, Teradata, Netezza and more. With enhanced capabilities for manipulating the content and structure of data during translation, the use of FME makes the process of loading data into a database a quick and easy task. Additionally, FME Server’s automation and built-in load balancing and fault tolerance mechanisms, enable the efficient migration and replication of high volumes of data between systems.