Data Transformation

Preserve Data’s Richness During Translation

Use the data transformation power of FME to ensure key elements of a dataset are preserved during format conversion for optimal performance in any application.

Achieve More than Straight Format Conversion

To get the most out of data when moving it between different formats and applications it will often require some level of manipulation. Achieve more than simple format translation with FME’s complete data transformation solution. Along with support for over 400 formats, FME’s tools allow you to reconfigure even the most complex components of a dataset and carry them into practically any system.

Use FME to execute transformation tasks like:

Data Mapping

Data Restructuring

Easily create paths for elements between two distinct data models with FME’s visual schema mapping functionality.

Dynamically make changes to data’s structure during translation such as adding, removing and editing the names of attributes.

Content Manipulation

Coordinate Reprojection

Alter the contents of a dataset with tools that can merge inputs, calculate new values and more. FME is also adept at manipulating geometry for spatial data transformation

Accurately reproject data between thousands of coordinate systems with FME’s coordinate conversion capabilities.

What are Transformers?

Transformers are the tools in FME that manipulate data during translation, carrying out operations like those mentioned above.

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Increase Productivity with Efficient Workflow Authoring

FME Desktop's no-code graphical interface and easy-to-configure tools allow you to set up transformations quickly. Furthermore, workflows can be saved for future transformation tasks with flexible components that are easily adjusted to suit changing conditions.