Data Migration

Effectively Migrate Data Between Hundreds of Systems

Use FME to create data migration workflows that move data from hundreds of source formats and systems to their destination in an automated, timely, and cost-effective manner that won't threaten its integrity.

Simplify Data Migration Projects

No matter the reason - mergers, new software, migration to the cloud - transferring data between formats, applications and systems is a complicated task that can consume a large amount of resources and risk your data's quality. The complexity of this process is often underestimated at the start of a data migration project, and even once a plan is devised, how can you be certain it will work and the data will load into its destination properly?

FME technology was designed for challenges like this. With its support for over 400 formats and applications, advanced data manipulation tools, and validation capabilities, FME is an all-in-one data migration software solution. Use FME to quickly and easily migrate data from and to:

  • databases: Oracle, PostgreSQL, MS SQL Server
  • tabular formats: CSV, Excel spreadsheets, text files
  • cloud based systems: Amazon Web Services, Salesforce
  • GIS: Esri ArcGIS & Geodatabase, MapInfo, GE Smallworld
  • and more

Automate Data Migration Workflows

Data migration with FME saves hours if not days of costly human resources. ETL workflows are configured quickly in FME Desktop's intuitive graphical interface, without coding, and are easily adjusted for reuse. Executed with the click of a button, transformations run automatically without the need for manual intervention, freeing you to focus on other important tasks.

Preserve Data Quality

Maintain quality during data migration processes. FME's transformation workflows are configured independently of the original data and manual interference is minimal, reducing the risk of introducing human error. FME can also be used to validate that a dataset is compliant with the structural requirements of the destination system.