Embrace Data Diversity with a Complete Data Integration Solution

As the technological world continues to evolve, organizations are faced with integrating an increasing number of data sources and applications that their operations rely upon. Different data and applications each have their individual strengths. The challenges lie in overcoming interoperability issues between disparate data and doing so in a way that meets a company’s unique needs.

FME is a complete data integration solution that can accomplish everything from discrete desktop integration tasks to enterprise-level data centralization projects. Its range of supported formats and applications can handle an unlimited number of integration scenarios, and its flexible tools, deployment options, and automation settings can be tailored to meet specific needs.

9 Reasons You Should Have a Data Integration Plan

Combine Data with Comprehensive ETL Workflows

Provide your organization with the insight needed for better analysis and planning by ensuring data is available to those who need it, when and how they need it. The workflows that you create in FME’s visual interface (that’s right, no coding!) will help you bring data together, eliminating data silos along the way. Extract, transform and load (ETL) processes have never been so easy!

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Support for Formats, Databases, & Applications

Connect your data to FME via any of the hundreds of data readers or writers to begin integrating your data. Whether it be a format, application, web service, or even API, we’ve got you covered. FME has its roots in the spatial transformation arena and excels at integrating this unique data with other formats for analysis in practically any application.

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Advanced Data Transformation & Validation Capabilities

Use FME Desktop to build workflows that translate data between formats and different data models. Use transformers to manipulate the structure and contents of data while checking against quality assurance rules to ensure smooth loading into the destination system.

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Improved Productivity through Efficiency and Automation

FME Server and FME Cloud offer more advanced automation for enterprise-level data integration and centralization projects with options for creating data loading and distribution services and automating transformation tasks based on event triggers. Once configured, processes run without manual interference, freeing you to work on other tasks.

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Implementing Centralized Data Services

A central repository where the members of your organization can access any data can be a huge asset for decision making. FME helps with every aspect of implementing and managing a central database from providing the tools to create workflows that integrate data to managing the database on an ongoing basis.

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Some of the Many Customers Who Love FME

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Why FME?

There are many steps involved in a well-constructed data integration plan - inspection, quality assurance, transformation, and delivery are just a few - and FME has the capabilities to help you accomplish each.

Easy to Install

Get FME products up and running in minutes.

Easy to Use

Create workflows quickly in FME Desktop's graphical no-code interface. Inspect, validate, and ensure that your data is fit to serve its purpose.

Easy to Manage

Service oriented architecture enables ESB capabilities that make it simple to handle changes to integrated systems.

Easy to Scale

The technology is the same whether you deploy via FME Server or FME Cloud, enabling users to use both or transition between on-premises and cloud at any time without hassle.

FME for Enterprise Data Integrations