Data Conversion

Use Any Data in Practically Any System

Ensure your data can be used effectively in any computing environment through format conversion with FME.

Efficiently Convert Data between Hundreds of Formats

Incompatible data formats are a major barrier to moving data between systems. Enable the use of data in practically any application with FME’s enhanced conversion capabilities and support for over 400 formats across a range of data environments including:

  • GIS
  • CAD
  • databases & spatial databases
  • spreadsheets & tabular
  • cloud & web services
  • XML
  • rasters
  • vectors
  • point clouds
  • 3D & BIM
  • and more

Browse FME’s gallery of supported formats

Common Data Conversion Workflows

FME's extensive list of supported formats and applications allows literally tens of thousands of potential conversion scenarios. Here are of some of the most common integrations:

Improve Productivity with Quick Workflow Authoring and Automation

Create data conversion workflows quickly and easily in FME Desktop’s no-code, graphical interface that promotes productivity with features aimed at minimizing effort. Once configured, translations run automatically in the background freeing you to work on other tasks. And for added convenience, save workspaces for future conversions, effortlessly adjusting components to suit changing conditions.

Achieve More than Straight Format Conversion

Often times data migration between systems requires more action than straight format translation to accommodate the different data models and content specifications of the computing environments. FME’s library of over 400 transformation tools enable you to manipulate data’s components to fit the precise requirements of the target system, so it will function properly.