Ready to harness the automation capabilities of FME Server? Depending on where your data is already being stored, you may need to deploy FME Server in a specific way. Don’t worry — we have you covered. Here are the different options you can use to get FME Server up and running for your team.


Install FME Server directly onto your own hardware. With this option, you should ensure that you understand and plan for manual security updates, scalability, and performance.


Express Installation: Install all FME Server required components on a single host machine.

Distributed/Fault-Tolerant Installation: Install components across a network of hardware to ensure high availability.

Hardware Requirements

FME Technical Specifications

OS Supported

FME Server can be deployed as a:

  • Windows Installer
  • Linux Installer

Payment Options

FME Server Pricing


Try FME Server for free 60 days.

Fully Hosted (FME Cloud)

Deploy FME Server in the cloud with FME Cloud — the Safe Software hosted version of FME Server. You can have FME Server running and ready for your team to use in minutes. With FME Cloud, we’ll do all the server maintenance, backups, and ensure uptime for you. FME Cloud works well for all enterprise sizes due to its flexibility and ease of set up.


Do it yourself or talk to one of our Managed Service Providers to get started.

Hardware Requirements

Included. Choose from the instance sizes offered.

Payment Options

Pay by the hour or purchase an annual subscription. These rates cover the cost of both FME Server and FME Cloud hosting fees.


Try FME Server on FME Cloud with $250 Free Credit. An FME Cloud Trial is the easiest way to see if FME Server is right for you.

On a Cloud Platform

There are various ways you can deploy FME Server on a cloud platform of your choosing. With each of these options, you should ensure that you understand and plan for manual security updates, scalability, and performance.

Docker logo


Use Docker container technology to quickly deploy FME Server on platforms that don’t support required libraries.

Follow these instructions to get started.

Kubernetes logo


Deploy a highly available, containerized FME Server alongside your other Kubernetes applications.

Use these Helm charts to get started.

Virtual Machine

Create a virtual machine in your cloud platform and install FME Server onto it the same way you would on-premises.

Cloud Marketplaces

Launch FME Server in just a few clicks through Google Cloud Marketplace or Microsoft Azure Marketplace.