FME Server and FME Cloud

FME Cloud is the hosted version of FME Server. Both products are powerful tools for automating enterprise workflows and connecting applications. While some differences exist, in the vast majority of cases either tool can do the job.

In general, if the majority of your data is in the cloud or you don't want to worry about costs for hardware acquisition and maintenance, then select FME Cloud. However, if the majority of your data is on-premises or you need some advanced configurations or all formats, then select FME Server.

FME Server

(On Premises)

FME Cloud

(Cloud Hosted)


FME Cloud has more flexible pricing, and with no hardware it's also easier to set up and maintain.

Pricing Model

Perpetual Licensing

Pay As You Go

Responsible for Hardware Maintenance


Safe Software

No Need to Buy Hardware


Both products are built on a common platform and use the same authoring environment.

Vertical Scaling

Team Management

Fault Tolerant Deployment

Automated Backups


Able to Install Other Software on the Same Server (e.g. ArcGIS)

Able to Install on Other Cloud Platforms (e.g. Azure, own AWS, etc)

Single Sign-On

Rapid Prototyping

Number of Engines

First Engine Included

Unlimited Engines

Upgrades and Patching Process

Download & Install



Highly Secure

Highly Secure

Authoring Environment (No Coding Required)

FME Desktop

FME Desktop


Your setup is most efficient when FME sits close to the data and applications it's interacting with.

Majority of Data is in the Cloud

Majority of Data is Local or Network

Ability to Handle Large Data Volumes (Big Data)

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Learn More