FME Coins Tour The World

FME Coins Tour the World

To celebrate the FME World Tour 2016, 5000 coins were created for attendees.

Join the Adventure

Congratulations to our five lucky photo contest winners who received an FME prize pack for outdoor adventuring with a specially designed FME fleece jacket and compass. Photos can still be tweeted to us for the FME Coin map using the #fmecoin hashtag.

Put Your Photo on the Map

To submit a photo for the FME Coin map:

Send Your Coin on a Journey

Each coin is tagged with an unique tracking number for geocaching.

Activate your coin (code is GEOSWAG)

Search for FME coins

Using FME 2016.1 Twitter Searcher and Dropbox functionality (we couldn’t resist) your photo will be uploaded to the map after approval.

Photo contest ended August 1, 2016 (full contest rules)