Call for Presentations

Have you done something cool with FME? Share your story at the FME User Conference!

Share Your Story

Calling all FME Users! We want to celebrate your success by sharing your best FME stories, tips, tricks, and ideas at the FME User Conference. Whether you have quick tips to share or a long story to tell, there are options for every user to get involved. Presentations we are looking for include:

  • Lightning Talks: 5-10 minute presentations
  • Full-length Talks: 25 minute presentations

Without your stories, the FME User Conference would be incomplete!

Don’t miss your opportunity to inspire the FME Community on an international stage.

Topic Areas

Not sure where to start? Look below for topics we would be excited to hear about. For more inspiration, you can also visit our Presentation Gallery or read our blog.

Empowering the Enterprise

Are you using FME to enable individual applications to work cohesively with one another? How are you bridging the gap between on-premise systems and cloud-based applications? Share your story on how you used FME to achieve application integration and make your business more operational. What advice can you share with others who want to get started?

Digital Twins

Digital twins are a virtual model of a physical asset. They allow you to see critical information about your asset and hold enormous potential for smart cities, smart buildings, and indoor mapping. Our users want to know – have you used FME in your process of creating virtual models? Whether you have successfully created a digital twin or are in the process of building one, we’d love to hear your journey.

Real-Time Data Processing

Real-time data is generated and delivered for immediate processing from sources such as sensors, mobile devices, social media, and applications. How are you utilizing real-time data to make critical decisions? How has FME helped you process real-time data? Why was this method of data delivery important to your project?

Cloud Migration

The movement to the cloud is accelerating across all industries, and you’ve likely experienced this first-hand! Share your story – did you go from on-premise to the cloud, migrate applications, or migrate data? What were the key considerations and challenges, and how did FME help you overcome them?

Augmented Reality and Metaverse

Interconnected virtual communities are the future; and our users want to know how they can leverage this new technology. How have you used FME AR to view your data in the real-world? What are the benefits and challenges? What opportunities lie ahead for businesses, cities, utilities, airports, and other industries?


We have found that often it is difficult to predict what some of the best FME solutions are! However you are using FME, sharing your experience has the power to inspire others and help them break through their own barriers!

Apply to Present

Use the form below to apply at the FME User Conference.

The Call for Presentations has been extended and will remain open until March 17th. Once the application closes, the Safe Team will take two weeks to review submissions and will get in touch with applicants by March 31st.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact