What is the ArcGIS Data Interoperability Extension?

ArcGIS Data Interoperability is an extension for ArcGIS Pro and ArcMap that’s available for purchase from Esri. The extension is developed by Safe Software and is based on a subset of FME functionality.

While an upgrade from the extension to FME Desktop provides additional functionality (see table below), both products let you load data from hundreds of sources into your ArcGIS environment and include tools for spatial ETL, data validation, data export, workflow automation, and much more.

Esri Interoperability

Comparison Table

ArcGIS Data Interoperability FME Desktop
Extension for ArcMap / ArcGIS Pro FME Desktop Esri Edition
Graphical authoring environment Yes Yes
Direct read into ArcCatalog, ArcMap, ArcScene Yes for ArcMap version
N/A to ArcGIS Pro version
Integration with ModelBuilder Yes Yes
Access to FME Hub (hundreds of additional transformers, web connections, templates, and more) No for ArcMap version
Yes for ArcGIS Pro version
Ability to publish to FME Server and FME Cloud for enterprise automation (scheduling, notifications, etc.) No Yes
Ability to use most up-to-date version (ArcGIS Data Interoperability is typically based on a prior release of FME) - see the current version here. No Yes
Access to the stream of FME beta releases No Yes
Access to third-party plugins No Yes
Requires only a single FME license (i.e. doesn’t tie up an Esri license too when only using FME Desktop) No Yes
Ability to run multiple versions of FME / ArcGIS Data Interoperability on the same machine No Yes
Supported architecture 32-bit for ArcMap version
64-bit for ArcGIS Pro version
32-bit and 64-bit
Operating systems Windows Windows, Mac, Linux
Language English English (+ localized into Japanese, German, French, Spanish, and Chinese)
Formats supported View Supported Formats 400+ Formats
Training Esri Virtual Campus Free FME Training
Technical support provided by Esri Safe Software
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