Web and cloud services have become extremely popular in the last decade, and for good reason! Not only do they allow you to access an endless amount of data sources — you can also privately and securely use your data within these services on your network.

With FME, you can create workflows that allow you to integrate your data with your web or cloud services. There’s no need for coding, and you can automatically run workflows as soon as you receive a new dataset.

Why FME for Web and Cloud Services?

Integrate Web Feeds and Services

With support for JSON, RSS, Webhooks, and APIs, you’ll be able to connect to virtually any web feed or service directly in your workflow. Manage API calls from REST, SOAP, or plain HTTP using transformers like the HTTPCaller.

Connect to Online Platforms

Most of, if not all, the work we do is connected to the web. Which means you’re definitely going to want your data connected to the web, too. From Salesforce to MapBox to Amazon Web Services, FME can help get your data online.

Make Workflows Accessible Online

Use FME Server Apps to create your own data integration web services. Allow users to submit or request data via a unique link and FME will run your unique workflows behind the scenes to provide you and your users with what they need.

Integrate Data in The Cloud

Bring your data integration efforts to the cloud with FME Cloud. Create workspaces on-prem in FME Desktop, then publish them on FME Cloud to automatically integrate your data with your cloud storage and analysis platforms.

Manage Online Data Portals

Open data portals are a great way to share your data publicly online. Creating publicly available datasets can be useful to many data enthusiasts whether they’re doing commercial work, research, or just having fun!

Free Support!

No matter where you are in your FME journey, we are here to help! Visit the FME Community to discuss your data journey with other FME users and our experts, or reach out to us via Live Chat for further assistance.

Support Web and Cloud Services

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FME for API’s and Application Integration

Many data platforms now exist in the cloud, but getting all your local data there isn’t always easy. With FME, you can quickly and easily add API connections to your workflow that can help you make the transition to the cloud. More than that, convert and transform your data along the way to ensure it’s structured just the way you want it.

Go one step further and integrate applications to allow for your data to move seamlessly. Not only will this save you time, it will help reduce duplicated data to save yourself and your team from confusion.

FME for Web Mapping

Visualizing your spatial data as online maps is not just fun to do — it can be extremely informative to those viewing your web map. With FME, you can connect to the web library of your choice, giving you the power and flexibility to customize your exact outputs. What’s even better is that you won’t have to code along the way. How great is that?

Use applications like Cesium or ArcGIS Online to visualize your data online, or create your own data distribution web maps that allow users to extract data from specific locations. With FME, you’ll have all your spatial data needs covered.

FME for Databases and Data Warehouses

So, you’ve opted for cloud data storage solutions. No problem! With support for a variety of databases and data warehouses like Amazon Redshift, Google BigQuery, and Oracle FME can help you convert, transform, and connect your data to the storage system of your choice.

Automatically run workflows that modify your datasets and load them into your database in bulk or incrementally. Be sure to add in data validation steps to ensure your data adheres to all your rules and standards.

FME for Databases and Data Warehouses
  • "FME allowed us to communicate between several unrelated platforms, which would have otherwise been unthinkable."

    Martin Labrecque, City of Lévis
  • "FME has allowed hundreds of hours of work to be automated"

    Joe Ellerington, Warwickshire County Council
  • "FME has intuitively, and instrumentally, aided us in collecting data from myriad sources, and through the wealth of transformers and writers, to then distribute quality data."

    Peter Moore, Socrata
  • "FME is so flexible; it makes data accessible. We can use FME in nearly every project."

    Mark Döring, con terra

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