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FME is the ultimate raster productivity software. Use FME to process and integrate rasters with the rest of your data.

Top Raster Transformations

Integrate Raster with GIS & CAD

Your raster data is more valuable when combined with data from other systems. FME allows you to convert your raster files in formats like GeoTIFF, ECW, PNG, JPEG and more for use with a wide variety of applications across BIM, CAD, and GIS.

FME supports hundreds of applications and formats across data types like: GIS (Esri ArcGIS, MapInfo, KML), Spreadsheets (Excel, CSV), LiDAR (LAS, Autodesk ReCap, E57), BIM (IFC, Revit, SketchUp), CAD (AutoCAD, MicroStation, Civil 3D) and many more including Minecraft, JSON, and PDF.

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Popular FME Transformers for Raster

FME Desktop contains hundreds of general purpose transformers, plus more than 50 transformers specifically designed for raster processing tasks. These include:

RasterMosaicker Learn More

This transformer mosaics multiple raster features into a single raster feature.

RasterTiler Learn More

Splits each input raster into a series of tiles by specifying either a tile size or a number of tiles.

RasterResampler Learn More

Resamples an input raster using the desired dimensions, the desired cell size in ground units.

RasterInterpretationCoercer Learn More

Alters the underlying interpretation of the bands of the raster geometry on the input features.

RasterCellCoercer Learn More

Decomposes all input numeric raster features into individual points or polygons.

RasterBandSeparator Learn More

Separates the bands and palettes from each input raster feature into one or more output raster features.

RasterDEMGenerator Learn More

Constructs a Delaunay triangulation based on input points and breaklines.

RasterGeoreferencer Learn More

Georeferences a raster using the specified parameters.

PointOnRasterValueExtractor Learn More

Extracts the band and palette values from a raster at the location of each input point.

Top Raster Productivity Tool

FME Desktop is a whole new way to transform raster data. Instead of coding a stopgap solution or living with the status quo, FME lets you work with your data in a repeatable way using a drag-and-drop interface.

Simply specify your inputs and add any number of FME’s 450+ transformers. Link transformers to manipulate your raster data in any number of ways – mosaic, convert, tile, clip, and so much more. The next time, just press the “Run” button and you’re done – no coding required.

About Raster

Because of its ability to represent continuous surfaces, raster data is often used as a component of intense spatial analysis. The large number of different raster formats makes datasets difficult to share, particularly when an application also has different structural requirements. FME offers a solution to ensuring this carefully collected imagery can be distributed for use by all stakeholders in their system of choice.


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