Williamson County

Williamson County used FME to quickly prepare their GIS data for contribution to Esri's Community Maps Program without writing any code.

To participate in the Esri Community Maps Program, the Williamson County GIS and Addressing Department needed to quickly transform their GIS data to the required format, model and coordinate system. They created these data transformation workflows with the Data Interoperability Extension for ArcGIS, powered by FME.

FME made it possible to contribute to this initiative without massive expenditures of time and money. The resulting project made GIS data more widely available for the benefit of everyone in the region.

Willamson County's close proximity to Austin, high quality of life, and availability of land make it one of the fastest growing counties in Texas.

"The Esri Data Interoperability Extension is so simple, we were able to convert our data quickly without any knowledge of Python." - Shilpa Bhadsalve, GIS Analyst at Williamson County