WhiteStar Corporation

WhiteStar Corporation uses FME Server to supply key geographic data layers to the energy industry from a large GIS store via subscription model.

They used FME Desktop to create the data extraction and transformation workflows, and published them to FME Server where customers could perform these actions on-demand using a friendly web interface. Clients select an area of interest and choose the desired data layers and destination format. Upon validating the client’s email and subscription status, the system processes the request, providing either a price quotation or the requested dataset.

The system provides the company with the ability to monitor customer data usage, expand the types of subscriptions that can be offered, and support a wide variety of output formats including ArcGIS Online, various Esri formats, and various Geological and Geophysical application platforms.

WhiteStar Corporation provides a seamless, dynamic data library under strict accuracy standards to help exploration professionals make confident decisions and avoid expensive mistakes.

“Dale and Don have done a fantastic job with a product that’s very useful for us, it’s solved a major business problem for me, and I think it’s cool on top of it all.” -- Robert C. White Jr., WhiteStar Corporation