we-do-IT extended the format support for their ERP Mobility System LatLonGO® using FME®.

The team created the LatLonGO® Writer using the FME® SDK Toolkit, enabling data from any system supported by FME® to be integrated into the LatLonGO® application in encrypted and highly compressed form for secure and efficient mobile use.

LatLonGO® users can now use FME® to import data from all 325+ FME®-supported formats into their system. This solves a crucial need specifically for the company’s telco and utilities clients, who maintain several CAD and GIS systems which need to interchange and overlay data between them.

we-do-IT is a global provider of Geospatial and SmartGrid IT solutions.

“The team at we-do-IT found that that adding FME as a data source for our mobile solution was a no brainer. Our companies share the same values, the FME support and development groups were extremely helpful and of course, it’s a global standard for spatial data ETL.” -- Joel Swanson, we-do-IT