Waterschap Limburg

Waterschap Limburg conducts many mowing activities in the summer and cares for 216 protected species at risk, each of which is vulnerable at a different time. They needed to have a mowing plan that took into account the protection of flora and fauna and that a number of species of plants and animals were legally protected.

Through FME, various data sets were linked to established “rules”. Based on the analysis that was then done, a mowing plan was set up with FME. The process became much more efficient. Analysis now takes only a few minutes and data is brought together without changing the source data.

The mowing schedule was adjusted at many locations. Measures are now being taken at these locations to protect species as much as possible. FME workspaces are expected to be used for a long time to help manage them.

Waterschap Limburg ensures safe dikes, dry feet, and clean and sufficient water in the province of Limburg. Their policy is determined by an elected board.

"I found applying geographical analysis to protect flora and fauna is a very nice challenge. We have achieved a result that can be used for years to come." --Joost Sieben, Waterschap Limburg