Warwickshire County Council

Warwickshire County Council wanted a broader understanding of the county’s health and social care needs to enable decision making, plus to measure the effectiveness of services. To do this, they needed to automate the retrieval of public health data from multiple online sources, including Hospital Episode Statistics (HES), data.gov.uk, Fingertips, and NaPTAN. Previously, new data was downloaded manually on a monthly or nightly basis.

Using FME, they built workflows to download new data from APIs, extract a full history of data, generate schemas, analyze the data, and send it to their PSQL relational database. They leveraged FME’s repeatable workflows to reduce the effort of manually refreshing datasets, plus to minimize network traffic through batch calls and bulk downloads. They used HTTP, JSON, and SQL scripting functionality to connect a variety of REST APIs to their relational database. FME was able to handle massive ~60 GB text files and gather schema information from HES data where other software wasn’t.

Warwickshire County Council now has multiple sources of health data loaded into their PSQL infrastructure in a formatted, user-friendly structure. With a few straightforward workflows, FME has automated hundreds of hours of manual effort, freeing their analysts to work on more important tasks.

Warwickshire County Council governs five districts and boroughs in England. The council manages roads, social services, education, libraries, and other local government services.

“FME has allowed hundreds of hours of work to be automated” - Joe Ellerington, Warwickshire County Council