virtualcitySYSTEMS uses FME in urban information modeling to perform complex data transformation tasks for smart cities.

They use FME Desktop to create reusable workflows that perform integrated planning, analysis, and simulation tasks. For example, they create CityGML from heterogeneous input data such as AutoCAD 3ds, Sketchup, and IFC, and catalogue the data. They then use FME Server to publish FME Desktop workflows that distribute the data, offering users the option to transform CityGML into industry standards such as Esri file geodatabase and AutoCAD 3ds.

FME completes virtualcitySYSTEMS’ 3D SDI solution by performing required data integration services and providing value-added services such as download and streaming, cataloguing and validation, and data import/export.

With many years in the market as an innovative pioneer for creating digital cities, virtualcitySYSTEMS supports clients according to their needs with products and customized systems for the creation, management, and publication of virtual city models.

“FME has become a core technology in our solutions.” -- Dr. Lutz Ross, virtualcitySYSTEMS.