• 1700 floors At the University of Washington

  • 24 million squarefeet Of indoor space at the University of Washington

  • 50,000 rooms At the University of Washington

Vertex3 is helping universities deliver indoor maps. 

Mapping universities is a challenge. Not only are there many buildings, floors, and rooms, but the landscape is ever-changing. On top of that, many facility managers want to use modern GIS applications to manage their data. Yet, their floor plans and other spatial datasets are collected in CAD – if not incompatible, then often scattered in thousands of drawings.

Vertex3 offers a campus-wide geodatabase that supports indoor mapping, so universities can improve guest experience, optimize facility management, and increase safety.

How they made it possible – using the #1 tool for spatial data.

Vertex3 created FME Desktop workflows and related scripts, enabling Facility Managers to integrate floorplans, outlines, basemaps, and archives to create simple 3D maps. Scheduled updates maintain synchronization, enabling CAD changes to be loaded into a SQL Server staging area, quality checked, and incrementally updated in the GIS. Future plans include the option to run the Floorplan Sync Engine on FME Cloud.

This innovative solution has been implemented at three universities to date, enabling the University of Washington, for example, to map 1700 floors and 24 million square feet of interior space. Vertex3 is now creating web applications and automated routing systems. The primary route lines are drawn in CAD, the 3D model is created using FME, and results are applied in a Geodatabase Network Dataset.

Since 2009, Vertex3 has successfully implemented projects for more than 50 clients worldwide with GIS and related technologies. Vertex3 is known for quality work and creative solutions, from short-term consulting support to high-end solution development.

FME dissolves the boundaries between software systems, provides the tools to efficiently perform almost every data transformation task, and makes it easy for me to build solutions. -- Steve Grise, Vertex3