Verbund AG

The Verbund AG subsidiaries manage a total of 22 hydropower plants, including 8 Inn power plants and border power plants along the Inn from Tyrol to Passau. The objective was to develop a cross-border map with all necessary geodata using a unified coordinate system in a single web map.

There were two major challenges in Verbund AG’s project that FME helped solve: digitizing cable layout plans and changing from the old Gauß-Krüger coordinate system to the UTM system in Bavaria.

FME allowed for the transformation of geodata into a common reference system, georeferencing of analogue plans, digitization of cable routing, and integration of data into a web map.

The scanned cable plans were georeferenced based on the cadastral data and world files were created. Control cables, cable distributors and ducts, and any protective pipers and terminations were digitized in sections for each power plant. The data model was delivered with the geo-referenced raster data and the recorded data in a geographic database.

FME helped save time by making data available in one centralized system. Information is only collected once, can be found quickly, and easily passed across departments. The workflow is mapped in one system and there is only one web interface needed.

Verbund AG is Austria’s largest electricity provider and covers around 40 percent of electricity demands in Austra and generates 90 percent from hydro power. In addition, Verbund operates the supraregional power grid through its subsidiary APG.

The work done by Verbund AG was done in partnership with Axmann.

"I was particularly impressed by the enormous experience with a large number of data formats." --Christopher Schreiber, Verbund AG