University of Massachusetts Amherst

UMass Amherst has improved facilities and campus planning efforts using FME to create a comprehensive common operating picture.

Data from the campus’ many physical sub-systems, such as buildings, outdoor spaces, utilities, and transportation, which are maintained by several divisions using multiple IT tools and different formats, are automatically combined and maintained in a campus wide data warehouse. 2D data is even combined to create 3D visualizations of the campus.

FME makes it possible to provide campus-wide analytics, bringing all these data elements and different formats (CAD, GIS, BIM) together for analysis in Tableau without changing existing workflows. Instead, technology enhances the workflows.

UMass Amherst in Massachusetts is one of the major public research universities of the USA. The campus is spread over 1,450 acres and operates 12.8 million gross square feet of space in 200+ buildings and utilities facilitating 28,000+ students and over 5,000 employees.

Without FME, such a project would have required such intensive manual labor that it wouldn't have been practical to create. - Niels la Cour, UMASS Amherst