The Danish Geodata Agency - Atom Feed

Geodatastyrelsen, The Danish Geodata Agency, uses FME to make use of an atom feed for notifying users when new data is available for a given area.

The agency publishes most of their cadastral data for free to the public, which includes 2.4 million parcels and 45 million features, for 9033 districts, with changes in 20-100 districts per day. To notify users when changes are available for a given area, they use an atom feed, which is an XML file with an index to news. FME reads this feed and fetches data based on criteria such as date, area, and format, for access in 10 formats including GML, MapInfo, and Esri Shapefiles.

FME reads and writes this data for easy access, and the process is automated using FME Server.

The Danish Geodata Agency, Geodatastyrelsen (GST), is the state owned agency responsible for surveying, mapping, and land registering Denmark, Greenland, and the Faroe Islands.

“FME is really about connecting, transforming and automating.” -- Peter Laulund, Geodatastyrelsen - The Danish Geodata Agency.