The Danish Geodata Agency - Labelling Maps

Geodatastyrelsen, The Danish Geodata Agency, needed to create cartographic labels for their cadastral system. Already using FME to make their data available to the public in 10 formats and a number of projections, they leveraged integration between FME and MapText for this project.

They simply inserted the MapTextLabeler and MapTextStyler transformers, MapText plug-ins that had been created to integrate into the FME Desktop Transformer Gallery, alongside other transformers in their workflow.

This automated process can now label the whole country’s data in 20 hours, resulting in 2.8 million labels, proving this automation to be much more efficient than manual labeling. They continue to use the workflow daily for updates, and designed a separate workflow to email monitoring reports.

The Danish Geodata Agency, Geodatastyrelsen (GST), is the state owned agency responsible for surveying, mapping, and land registering Denmark, Greenland, and the Faroe Islands.

“Here I think we have two great tools individually, but bringing them together makes it more than the sum of the parts.” -- Peter Laulund, Geodatastyrelsen - The Danish Geodata Agency