The Community Mapping Network

The Community Mapping Network needed to create a 1:50,000 watershed atlas for the Yukon in order to create a Fisheries Information Summary System (FISS). They had previously accomplished this for the province of British Columbia through years of manual work.

Using pre-built tools in FME Desktop’s graphical user interface, they were able to automate validation and error correction of provincial and federal base data to create the atlas for the Yukon.

The resulting hydrological network is now available online, in a fraction of the time and cost required for the British Columbia atlas. Fisheries data can now be populated by trained, authorized locals to maintain a FISS for the region.

Robert Knight Non-profit v2

“I’m often asked why I love FME. There’s three things. The great support, it’s cost effective, and the solution worked.” -- Brad Mason, The Community Mapping Network