T. Baker Smith

T. Baker Smith needed to create a company-wide, standardized data store for information collected in the field to make it more accessible.

They used FME Desktop to build workflows that import and map data to the centralized data schema and format, perform quality assurance checks, manipulate the data for storage, and extract the data from the data store. With FME Server, they were able to automate these processes and make them available to both the field crews that collect the data and the end users of the data.

The data is now easily available to users both inside and outside the company. The central data store is updated about once a month and replaces individual project folders, so everyone can access the most current version of the data from a single place. The automation of the FME processes save the team a great deal of time and manual effort.

Started in 1913, T. Baker Smith has grown into one of the top 500 engineering, architectural, and environmental design firms in the USA.

“When it comes out, the data is 90% complete. They might just have to put a border on it or whatnot, but the drawing would be done. So FME saves hours of time on it, plus it’s all centralized.” -- Chad Kimble, T. Baker Smith “FME Server helped us out pretty big because a lot of the recurring tasks were FME processes that our users needed, but we didn’t want to get licenses for everybody.” -- Jean-Paul Stafford, T. Baker Smith