Swisstopo has implemented FME to streamline map production and data management processes.

Swisstopo moved from a disjointed, labour-intensive, CAD-based map production system to a sophisticated GIS system. FME Server provided a central spatial ETL interface to the datasets housed in ArcGIS Server's infrastructure delivering data to users in the format they need.

FME eliminated manual data translation tasks, improving the team’s productivity. Access to any dataset is now available however it's needed, in a matter of seconds.

Switzerland's Federal Office of Topography - swisstopo - is the map source for geodetic, topographic and geological data of any part of the country.

"With FME adding spatial ETL capabilities to our ArcGIS Server, we can obtain any dataset in any specified format in a matter of seconds. Removing the time-consuming data conversion tasks from our users allows them to be far more efficient and productive." - Emanuel Schmassmann, Manager of swisstopo's Topographic Landscape Model