SWECO found an innovative and unusual FME-based solution to their invoicing challenge.

SWECO’s accounting systems are designed to bill per-hour for the 9,000 employees and 37,000 consulting projects they perform each year amounting to annual sales of EUR 990 million. However, as a Value-Added FME reseller, they needed to be able to invoice FME licenses at a fixed amount. Using FME Desktop, they designed a workflow that reads data from the PostGIS license database and the customer information database, extracts the specific information required, and writes it out using the Excel template provided by their Department of Economics to create the invoice.

While this is certainly not a common FME workflow, their knowledge of FME made them realize that a simple FME workflow could solve their problem, save them time, and was much more fun to use than the accounting system.

SWECO’s vision is to become Europe’s most respected knowledge company in the fields of engineering, environmental technology and architecture.

“How can I reduce my pain when handling invoices? I asked my friend FME Workbench of course.” -- Mikael Månsson, SWECO