Sterling Geo - Flood Detection

Sterling Geo has combined the strengths of FME Desktop and ERDAS Imagine into powerful image processing routines that provide intelligent business products from a multitude of data inputs.

Sterling Geo uses a few lines of Python to combine workflows from the two technologies. For example, when an electrical substation flooded, causing 40,000 people to lose power, they built a single process that used ERDAS Imagine to perform flood detection on multi-band Landsat imagery; then applied FME to integrate vector data, remove existing water bodies, and identify flooded assets such as roads; and finally provided a quality output image to provide intelligent information to field crews.

This efficient combining of technologies enables each specialist (raster; vector) to build and maintain ownership of their own processes and couple them to achieve a single goal, minimising training costs and increasing ease of maintenance.

Sterling Geo engineers solutions that transform spaceborne, airborne and terrestrial data into accurate, actionable information.

“This process brings FME’s vector processing capabilities into ERDAS Imagine Spatial Modeler. It also enables ERDAS Imagine workflow results to be written into a much wider range of formats, such as KML and 3D PDF.” -- Gavin Park, Sterling Geo