Sterling Geo - Map Portal

Sterling Power Utilities needed a map portal for their wooden power pole inspection project.

Sister company Sterling Geo, which provides their GIS services, created data transformation workflows in FME Desktop’s graphical user interface and published them to FME Server hosted in the cloud. FME was integral in managing the data backend of the OpenLayers portal, enabling data access, printable map production, PDF creation, and pole identification to be performed by end users with no knowledge of the data transformation process.

Using FME, the project was accomplished within their tight two week deadline. Administrators, project managers, and condition inspectors were able to access the portal via a web browser or mobile device app. High quality of the data ensure safety of field crews operating under high voltage electricity.

Sterling Geo and Sterling Power Utilities are sister companies under the Sterling Power Group, which specialises in engineering services for the utility and wider markets.

“FME Server was an absolute godsend for us.” -- Kumar Pancholi, Sterling Geo