Sterling Geo - 100:1 Project

Tight timelines, limited budgets, and no access to developers didn’t slow down prototyping for Sterling Geo

Under a grant from the UK Space Agency, Sterling Geo needed to demonstrate the value of earth observation (EO) data. Their project, named 100:1, aimed to create a pragmatic and sustainable approach to the long-term use of earth observation data. They wanted to find a way to deliver services–not technology–to clients without capital investment, training, or significant IT infrastructure changes.

The team did not have any developers to add to the challenge, and they needed to collect as many applications as possible under a short deadline.

How they made it possible – no code required. 

Sterling Geo chose FME to create APIs and rapidly deliver web services without writing code. They deployed FME Cloud, meeting the satellite data where it was housed, on AWS under Amazon’s Open Data Program.

So far, 20 apps have been built for over 150 government organizations. Prototyping was quick and inexpensive, with servers on the cloud only paid during demonstrations and no infrastructure changes upon deployment into production. The apps have enabled users to understand firsthand how EO monitoring can be fed into strategic planning cycles.

Sterling Geo is a geosolutions company specializing in finding innovative approaches to engineering geography.

“Everyone has to monitor the world for change. But 9/10ths of the time nothing has changed, and the cost was the same for finding nothing. These apps can now monitor this with little or no capital investment.” -- Gavin Park, Sterling Geo