State of Indiana

The State of Indiana used FME to streamline the integration of GIS data from 92 counties into a central repository, which is then made available through an online GIS data portal. The data is now readily available to assist with initiatives and emergency response activities across the state.

FME Server was used to integrate and share data from the various GIS systems of 80+ counties. Each delivered their data via OGC WFS streams where FME Server took over, transforming and homogenizing it into a central Esri ArcSDE repository from which it was made available through the IndianaMap online GIS portal.

FME provided the GIS team plenty of time and cost savings while ensuring that individual counties did not have to implement new process or spend any of their own budgets.

The State of Indiana serves 6.5 million people across 92 counties.

"FME was the best solution we knew of, and had we tried to do it another way, we probably would have failed before we even got started." - Jim Sparks, Geographic Information Officer for the State of Indiana