Socrata & New Orleans

The City of New Orleans needed to automatically retrieve economic indicator data from government APIs like the Census to track their progress on a variety of performance measures and benchmark themselves against comparable cities.

New Orleans worked with Socrata on the project, who created FME workflows to automate indicator data retrieval. For example, FME pulls data from the US Census API, BLS, and BEA, translates the data into a flat, machine readable table, converts it into the required data model, performs calculations, and writes the data to the city’s open data portal.

The project allows the City to not only tell their story, but compare themselves with other localities, and comply with the Bloomberg Fund requirements. The workflow is easy to maintain and share, making future updates simple.

Socrata is a cloud software company focusing on open data and other solutions for digital government to improve society.

The City of New Orleans is the largest metropolitan area in the state of Louisiana, USA.

“The city of New Orleans is now able to publish data from the American Community Survey on the day that it is released to by simply adding the latest year to a single parameter in their workflow thanks the power of FME!” -- Alicia Brown, Socrata