Silkeborg Municipality, Denmark

Silkeborg Municipality, Denmark has applied FME in many areas over the last 7 years, from automated daily processes that download and transform GIS data, to complex one-off data integration and manipulation projects.

Using FME Desktop’s graphical user interface, they design workflows for many purposes without writing code. For example, they used FME to create a 3D city model for presenting future construction projects. They cleaned terrain data from CAD files, converted it to both triangulated irregular network (TIN) and digital elevation model (DEM), and saved the output to GeoTIFF.

Using FME, they can perform individual data manipulations as needed; re-use workflows, enabling them to routinely accept data from suppliers and partners without worrying if the data is sent in the correct file format or coordinate system; and schedule critical daily chores, saving a great deal of human effort.

Silkeborg Municipality covers 850 km2 and is inhabited by 90,000 citizens.

“Our FME usage is very large. It’s such a fun tool to use.” -- Tue Nilsson Poulsen, Silkeborg Municipality