Shell Canada

Shell Canada used FME to make important 3D spatial data available to non-technical stakeholders who do not have access to a GIS.

Anyone at Shell Canada can now visualize detailed 3D models of assets in order to make decisions that are heavily dependent on spatial information, without using a GIS. After users select their area of interest through a webmap interface, FME Server retrieves the data content from ArcSDE and delivers it to them as a highly usable 3D PDF.

FME’s automated worklows ensure that users get information they need without straining the GIS team. No additional software or training is required for non-technical personnel, while providing them access to rich 3D visual information for improved decision making.

Shell Canada is part of a global group of companies and plays a key role in meeting the worlds energy demand in economically, environmentally and socially responsible ways.

"3D PDF is the perfect way for us to distribute this information. Users simply view it in the familiar Acrobat Reader, and we still can provide them with the depth of information they need." - Cameron Watson, Supervisor, GIS & Geo-Information, Shell Canada