Sharper Shape

Sharper Shape uses FME to help its power distribution clients achieve their goals.

They initially implemented FME to build a solution that identifies, visualizes, and prioritizes removal of vegetation and other objects that could impede client networks, but FME has proven valuable for many other projects. For example, when the European Space Agency (ESA) commissioned a study to identify the value of satellite data for power distribution asset management, they used FME to compare changes in raster imagery against business rules. They also built an FME workflow to create a cross-section of a client’s network, and use FME to regularly perform data translations, such as those from customer NIS systems to their own.

For Sharper Shape, the value of FME is its ability to create solutions for clients, and to do so very quickly. Their network cross-section workspace was designed in a mere 30 minutes.

Sharper Shape provides turn-key solutions for the efficient planning of maintenance and vegetation management.

“We love FME because it’s very fast. FME is very good at transforming ideas into workspaces. It’s perfect for fulfilling specific needs that our customers have.” -- Ville Koivuranta, Shaper Shape