San Jose Water Company

San Jose Water Company needed to create a low-cost solution to mimic the enterprise GIS they had in-house for sister company Canyon Lake Water Service. However, they were limited to open source solutions that could operate on underpowered machines with slow internet connectivity.

They used FME Desktop & FME Server to build automated workflows that nightly replicate their Oracle Spatial database into a PostGIS hosted locally at the sister company’s site. They also used FME to transform the data for clean display in an QGIS viewer. They integrated information from additional sources, such as engineering as-builds, tax assessor data, and customer information into the solution.

These transformations have provided the means to implement the solution with immense cost savings. Additionally, providing data from multiple sources provides a broader, spatialized view of datasets from other departments, providing a single reference point for the customer service and accounting teams as well.

“Open source changes quickly, but FME makes it possible to go into the future with confidence because they’re going to be ready with whatever format we need, and it’s no sweat.” -- Krischelle Love, San Jose Water Company