City and County of San Francisco

The City and County of San Francisco needed to expand the automated publication of data to its open data portal.

The Department of Technology staff used FME to perform ETL tasks in building their original Socrata-based SF OpenData portal. With the goal of increasing the number, and timeliness, of published datasets, they once again turned to FME. New FME workspaces include: the consumption of data from additional departments and agencies, the establishment of generalized notification services, and the automation of daily updates to key datasets. As part of a new system architecture, a new staging ETL job server provides workspace authors the ability to qualify their work under development.

The enhanced ETL Job Platform improves the availability and timeliness of data that are available on the portal, providing better service to citizens while allowing staff to focus on more complex activities, and not spend time attending to the mechanics of publishing open data.

San Francisco is the cultural, commercial, and financial center of Northern California, and the second-most densely populated major city in the United States.

“FME Desktop and FME Server both play key roles in our enhanced ETL Job Platform.” -- Samuel Valdez, City and County of San Francisco, Department of Technology