San Antonio Water System

The San Antonio Water System (SAWS) created a web-enabled GIS to provide a seamless view of its service area and assets to power better decision making.

Repeatable transformation workflows automatically connect disparate data sources, performing tasks such as adding location components to CAD and business data for visual analysis in a GIS. Personnel now experience uninhibited access to key information for better planning and improved productivity.

FME technology dramatically reduced the effort to implement and maintain this system, providing SAWS an estimated $1 million savings in the first year alone.

The San Antonio Water System provides water and wastewater services to about one million customers and maintains more than 9,000 miles of water and sewer mains.

"Without this cost-effective tool, we would have needed to double our team to accomplish what we did with a few people's effort." - Cindy Tuttle, SAWS