The Regional Municipality of York

York Region needed to enable their nine municipalities to submit their own water and wastewater data into the region’s All Pipes program while automating QC and conversion of the data into the common schema.

They worked with Spatial DNA to create FME workflows tailored to each municipality’s dataset. The end users submit their data via their web GIS application, Geocortex, which triggers FME Server to call the applicable FME workspace. This performs quality checks and transforms the data schema before loading it into the Esri SDE database.

By implementing FME, York Region has automated the maintenance of their dataset. The visual nature of FME workflows make changes and enhancements easy to manage. York Region is now planning ways they can expand this project to suit storm water, parks, sidewalks, and street lights data.

York Region, also called the Regional Municipality of York, is home to over 1 million residents in the Greater Toronto Area of Ontario, Canada.

“FME Server has made automating data submission and validation at York Region a reality.” -- Jennifer Chung, The Regional Municipality of York